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A sum of skills

WEREYSTENGER® is the result of a merger between two existing companies, Werey and Stenger. On joining forces in 2001, each brought to the mix several generations of know-how as plaster specialists. WEREYSTENGER® thus combines tradition and new technologies, while mastering classicism, design and contemporary architecture.

Fibrous plaster and stucco, plasterboard, fire protection, acoustic and thermal treatments in buildings, creation of all architectural designs… WEREYSTENGER® offers all types of «plaster solutions», from «low energy consumption» insulation to work on the biggest public and private building sites.


Skilled workmanship in all plaster and insulation trades

Plaster is a noble material, able to meet the interior architecture and decoration needs of any building.

Plaster is also an element of comfort in buildings, thanks to its role as a hygrometric regulator and as an unavoidable component in all thermal insulation, soundproofing and fire protection systems.

Our experience enables us to meet all the plaster requirements on a building site,regardless of size and constraints.


Fibrous plaster: an endless source of creativity

Classic or decorated fibrous plaster

All types of ornaments such as cornices, ceiling roses, columns, mouldings… We have at our disposal an inestimable cultural heritage in the form of a huge collection of models and moulds covering all styles (over 2000 references).

Contemporary fibrous plaster

Creation of features in all shapes and volumes, including ceilings, grooves for indirect lighting, acoustic correction…

Glass reinforced gypsum (GRG)

This new technique is a lighter and stronger solution installed using screws. Thanks to GRG, very large features can be installed with no technical difficulties.


Stucco: from stone to marble to Marmorino

Walls, pilasters, columns, entrance hall decorations, stair stringboards reproducing all desired shade and effect.

Restoration of heritage buildings

Fibrous plaster, stucco and gypsum are all used in the restoration of listed and unlisted heritage buildings: churches, theatres, private residences or public buildings…

Dry plasterwork and insulation

All types of partitions and suspended ceilings, thermal insulation, low consumption buildings, insulation and acoustic correction, removable false ceilings: fibre, metal, board. Constructions with high, anti-break-in or fire-resistant partitions.

Acoustic works and fire protection

  • Acoustic correction of ceilings and walls … with a perfectly smooth, sealless appearance (BASWAphon)

  • All types of soundproofing insulation

  • Dry and projected plaster fire protection systems


Our Design Office works closely with architects

WEREYSTENGER®’s design office offers technical and aesthetic solutions, draws up PAC plans, plans of execution, technical documents for the finished works, and all the documents necessary for the project manager.


Numerous references, public and private, in France and abroad

  • Council of Europe (France – Strasbourg)

  • European Parliament (France – Strasbourg)

  • French Embassy (Austria – Vienna)

  • The Paris Opera House – Palais Garnier (France – Paris)

  • Inverted cupola in the Departmental Council building (France – Colmar)

  • Conversion of the Château de Courcelles into a cultural centre (France – Montigny les Metz)

  • The Luxembourg Philharmonic

  • Historical Museum (France – Strasbourg)

  • Amphitheatre, University hospital (France – Nancy)

  • Alsace-Moselle Memorial at Schirmeck (France)

  • Holding Bouygues (France – Paris)

  • Cartier shops (France, Portugal, Germany…)

  • Club Med (Greece, Switzerland, Italy, France…)

  • Restaurant “La Société” (France – Paris)

  • Mansions, hotels…

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